Sales Outsourcing & UK Office Setup

Based around a core “Virtual UK office” proposition, PowerIT can act as a local sales and marketing office for growing vendors who would like to expand into the UK & EMEA market.

Opening your own local office and recruiting the right sales and marketing team is expensive and risky. With PowerIT acting as your extended team you get the benefits of a local office with a broad range of sales and marketing skills.

All via a flexible, sales-based remuneration model that removes the traditional cost and risk of doing it on your own.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Company

There is no doubt that hiring a sales force is an expensive and time-consuming process.  First of all you need to build the internal business case to make the investment.  Then you need to find the right people with the right skills, if you’re not lucky enough to find people in your own network, LinkedIN promises to be your friend, but then often disappoints so you end up gravitating to expensive recruitment agencies.

The Risk of Recruiting Sales People

Then there’s the lengthy interview process, the trip to head office, the negotiation and even when the offer is made and accepted, there’s still no guarantee that the candidate will walk through the door on their start date, such is the fickle nature of employment these days. But let’s just be optimistic and say they do start, how long will it take before they are up to speed, induction training, honeymoon period, relationship building yadda, yadda, yadda. The list goes on but the net result is that recruitment is expensive, time consuming and full of risk; the problem is you need sales results today.

That is where sales force outsourcing comes into its own. We have a large team of sales and marketing experts with diverse experience in a wide range of technologies and channels, that can bring instant scale to your business. No risk of recruitment and a results-based payment structure that makes it far cheaper than hiring your own people.

Outsourced sales and marketing has many advantages – you can get the right people for the right job, no matter if you are looking for distribution sales managers, DMR sales floor walkers, VAR managers, retail experts, ecommerce specialists. All with relationships already in place with your key channels, no lengthy recruitment process and you don’t even need to worry about managing them on a day-to-day basis. You simply measure us by results and the good news is that’s how we earn our money so you’ll find no shortage of enthusiasm on that front, we are highly motivated from day one.

Sales Process and Outsourced Marketing

It’s not just about Sales Process Outsourcing, we can also help you outsource your marketing. Hiring marketing people is equally as challenging. Perhaps even more so given you are unlikely to have a marketing budget from day one that will keep a full-time marketing person busy enough, least of all a team of people. That’s where the other problem lies – marketing isn’t a one dimensional skill you need people with a mix of experience – web design, print design, digital marketing, PR, social media, event management, demand generation, lead nurturing etc.

Our marketing outsourcing team delivers all of this for you in exactly the amount you need – you don’t pay for full time people only to have them sat monitoring Facebook all day (although we do have people that will do that for you). So when it comes to marketing outsourcing, whether it is strategic planning or envelope stuffing you need – look no further than us.

Of course there will come a time in your organisation’s lifecycle where insourcing these skills may well be appropriate, we can help there too as our network is likely to be bigger than most of our clients and we often help bring on full-time internal resource when the time is right.