Pre/Post Sales Support & RMA

If you sell technology into the SMB or enterprise markets chances are you’ll need to offer guidance as to how things need to be configured and installed. You’ll also need to be on-hand should things hit a few speed-bumps along the way. Hiring this resource can be expensive and time-consuming.

We have in-house resource as well as a number of trusted out-sourced support partners that can take care of this on your behalf. Giving you instant technical scale at a fraction of the cost.

In a perfect world every product or solution would work straight out of the box 100% of the time. But we also believe in Unicorns.

Whilst we always rigorously test our clients technology in-house inevitably there will be occasions when things fail. How you deal with these failures can set the tone for your entire brand perception in the UK.

With that in mind, we offer robust RMA, or A return merchandise authorization if you’re not into TLAs, for our clients. Removing the headache of dealing with returns and improving the experience for the customer, ultimately ensuring they’ll come back again.