Amazon A+ Content

Are your online sales meeting your forecasts?

Would you like to see better conversion rates on Amazon?

Do you want to give your NEW products the best launch possible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ll want to keep reading…

Amazon A+ content means rich, editorially driven product descriptions. When customers are scouring the Internet for their IT solutions, two things are happening; firstly, they are looking for a product to solve their problem, but more importantly, they are looking to be informed and inspired; they are looking to be led to best solution.

That’s where we come in. We can turn a standard spec sheet into something that is not only digestible to your target audience, but also something that will persuade them that your product is the best solution on the market.

Put in simple terms, we can give your products the power to sell themselves; and in a crowded market, this is vital.

So what do customers want?

Customers used to look for as much information as possible, but we’re seeing a change; customers now want this information presented to then in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but allows them to check boxes easier. We’re all time-poor these days, so who wants to trawl through pages of plain text to find what we’re looking for?

But if that doesn’t persuade you, maybe this will help…

‘Following the work completed by PowerIT-2-Channel on several of our pages, sales rose by, in some cases, 60%. Needless to say, we’re currently rolling this out across our whole portfolio’ – eCommerce Sale Manager – IT Vendor

Better Content = Better Sales

We believe that content matters. In the world of selling online high quality content is king. Luckily we know how to make good content great. Our team are digital content experts. We are fast, flexible and accurate and more importantly passionate about technology. So if you want to increase your online content and sales conversion you need to speak to us.

Our unique approach to creating content will produce:

  • Clean, concise information
  • Useful facts interspersed with appealing imagery
  • Links to similar products in your range
  • Well presented data to create confidence

So what’s next?

Well, you’ve decided A+ Content is exactly what your products need, the next part couldn’t be more simple…

Step 1

Get in touch

We’ll be happy to run through your portfolio with you to help establish how your budget can be best spent.

Step 2

Decision time

When you’ve chosen the best course of action for your products, send us any info you have on file.

Step 3

Sit back and relax

It’s as easy as that. PowerIT-2-Channel will take care of everything, quickly and professionally.

To get in touch with us today, simply email us at or contact us to discuss your requirements further.